Past event

Los Angeles, 2018

26 February 2018

On February 26th, Letters Live made its US premiere in Los Angeles with an unforgettable show that featured readings and musical performances from Aisha Tyler, Anjelica Huston, Annabelle Wallis, Benjamin Booker, Benjamin Clementine, Catherine Keener, Danny Huston, Ian McShane, Isla Fisher, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Corden, Jarvis Cocker, Mark Hamill, Reggie Watts, Shirley Manson, and Stephen Fry.


All profits from tickets sales were split and donated to Los Angeles-based non-profit organization 826LA – dedicated to supporting students with creative and expository writing skills – and Women for Women International, a non-profit humanitarian organisation providing practical and moral support to female survivors of war.


The show was organised in partnership with Mr Porter and Net-A-Porter.


Monday, 26th February 2018


Aisha Tyler

Don’t let anybody raise you

Maya Angelou to herself



Anjelica Huston

It’s up to you now

Bette Davis to B.D. Hyman

What did you say I can’t hear you…

Katherine Hepburn to Spencer Tracy



Annabelle Wallis

Thinking of you to the end

Rose Schlösinger to Marianne Schlösinger

Give Women the vote

Bertha Brewster to Daily Telegraph



Catherine Keener

Fortunately I had my new radio

Edna Johnson to Mr Walker

Seeking Wisdom

Cheryl Strayed to A Reader



Catherine Keener, Mark Hamill, Danny Huston


Star Trek Producers to Producers



Danny Huston

There’s no hope in War

Kurt Vonnegut to US Government



Ian McShane

Diversity guarantees our cultural survival

Martin Scorsese to NYT

We were brothers way before you were

Groucho Marx to Warner Bros



Isla Fisher

Seat 29E

A Customer to Continental Airlines



Jake Gyllenhaal

On not raising hogs

J.B. Lee Jr to Ed Foreman



James Corden

I like words

Robert Pirosh’s to Various



Jarvis Cocker

Thank you, I hope you choke

Beatles fan to Nike



Mark Hamill

Mr. Trump causes sever distress

Allen Frances to NYT



Nikki Suzuki

Please keep kids safe from guns

Ava Olsen to Trump



Reggie Watts

I’m still here, trying to make it.

Jimi Hendrix to his parents



Shirley Manson

Georgie my Darling

Shirley to Georgie Manson



Stephen Fry

We all feel like that now and then

Archibald Kerr to Reginald Pembroke





Benjamin Booker



Benjamin Clementine



Reggie Watts