Past event

New York, 2018

18-19 May 2018

Letters Live’s New York debut took place on 18th and 19th May 2018, at New York Town Hall in midtown Manhattan.


Performers over these two star-studded shows included Louise Brealey, Rose McGowan, Ben Shenkman, Amber Tamblyn, Benedict Cumberbatch, Edie Falco, Cynthia Erivo, Clarke Peters, Hugh Dancy, David Harbour, DeWanda Wise, Phillipa Soo, Tom Hollander, Chevy Chase, James Earl Jones, Laurence Fishburne, Molly Ringwald, Ben Foster, Uzo Aduba, Kyle MacLachlan, Ian McShane, Noma Dumezweni, Lauren Graham, Katie Holmes.


Friday, 18th May 2018


Amber Tamblyn

I’m in love with NY

Anais Nin to Henry Miller

AIDS is not a disgrace; it is a TRAGEDY

Patsy Clarke to Jesse Helms



Ben Shenkman

He is not a forgiving cat

John Cheever to Jose Herbst


Our duty is to publish news

Ben Bradlee to Katharine Graham



Benedict Cumberbatch

Dear Empress Hotel

Nick Burchill to Empress Hotel

He’s here, living and vivd and unforgettable forever

Stewart Stern to The Winslows



Clarke Peters

Now her soul is free

Ram Dass to Steve and Anita Isser

Diversity guarantees our cultural survival

Martin Scorsese to NYT



Cynthia Erivo

Something more is requisite

Matilda to Freedom’s Journal

Wisdom is a gift

Toni Morrison to Barack Obama



Cynthia Erivo and Rose McGowan

What should I do

Frustrated to Abby



David Harbour

We are truly bereft

Anthony Hecht to Francine du Plessix Gray

I am unable to accept your rejection at this time

Paul Devlin to Various Colleges



DeWanda Wise

Dear Sir

Sarah-Louise Jordan to An Admirer

Don’t let anyone define who you are

Angelique Kidjo to Girls of the world



Edie Falco

The Empire State building

Helen Keller to Dr John Finley

I have not shot her yet

Dorothy Parker to Seward Collins



Hugh Dancy

I shall always be near you

Sullivan Ballou to Sarah Ballou

Thank you, and I hope you choke

Beatles Fan to Nike



Louise Brealey


Lady Elizabeth Compton to Lord William Compton

Give Women the vote

Bertha Brewster to Daily Telegraph



Louise Brealey and Benedict Cumberbatch

My Dear Bessie

Chris Barker to Bessie Moore



Philipa Soo

Dear cast of Hamilton

Meryl Streep to The Cast of Hamilton

That’s Deadwood for you

Calamity Jane to Her Daughter



Rose McGowan

The loss of you lingers

Karin Cook to Joan Cook Carpenter

Dear Hollywood

Rose McGowan to Hollywood



Tom Hollander

I have had my eye on you

Simon Fallowfield to Mary Foster





Teddy Thompson

I can’t write left handed

Saturday, 19th May 2018


Ben Foster

Your type is a dime a dozen

Hunter S. Thompson to Anthony Burgess

Bill Hicks on Freedom of Speech

Bill Hicks to A Priest



Benedict Cumberbatch

What gloomy tidings about the CRABS

Patrick Leigh Fermor to Enrica Soma

Don’t forget us

King George to Elizabeth

The last mad Empire on Earth

Dylan Thomas to Caitlin



Chevy Chase

The specticle sickened me

George Bernard Shaw to The Times



Chevy Chase and Edie Falco

I am so close behind you

Leonard Cohen to Marianne Ihlen



Edie Falco

The most beautiful work of all

Patti Smith to Robert Mapplethorpe

What is wrong with you?

Jonna Ramey to White Nationalists



Ian McShane

We all feel like that now and then

Archibald Kerr to Reginald Pembroke

New York swallowed me up

Italo Calvino to Paolo Spriano



James Earl Jones

Make your soul grow

Kurt Vonnegut to Xavier High School



Jamie Byng

I am happy to be happy for you

Gil Scott-Heron to Jamie Byng



Katie Holmes

How I would like to work for you

Eudora Welty to New Yorker



Kyle MacLachlan

It is beyond description

Hart Crane to His Mother



Lauren Graham

The story comes from within you

Laura Dern to her daughter

Seat 29E

A Customer to Continental Airlines



Laurence Fishburne

To my old Master

Jourdon Anderson to P.H. Anderson



Molly Ringwald

My heart almost stood still

Helen Keller to NY Symphony Orchestra

What is a Minute?

A Parent to Fred Rogers



Molly Ringwald and Uzo Aduba

My Dear Son

M. Prichard to Various



Noma Dumezweni

Your words build a castle

Chrissy Hart to JK Rowling



Uzo Aduba

Have A Happy Period

Wendi Aarons to James Thatcher


Melissa Harris Perry to Richard Mourdock





Laura Mvula
Paloma Faith