Past event

Tell Me A Story, 2015

16 June 2015

This memorable evening, which included the first Letters Live show to be put on outside of the UK, celebrated ten years of 826LA inspiring students to write. 826LA is all about creativity, and in that tradition, creative people – writers, musicians, comedians, and other special guests, including a number of 826LA alumni – took to the stage to show the power of the written word. The whole evening was hosted by the legendary talk show host Jimmy Kimmel who also did a brilliant job introducing each of the letters and performers.


Letters Live was the entertainment for this gala dinner event which raised over $350,000 for 826LA, the LA branch of the remarkable charity that Dave Eggers founded in San Francisco in 2001 and which now operates in over a dozen cities in America.


Tuesday, 16th June 2015


BJ Novak

Torturing the Saxophone

Robert Crumb to Mats Gustafsson

We all feel like that now and then

Sir Archibald Kerr to Lord Pembroke



Brad Hall

Wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day

E. B. White to Mr. Nadeau



JJ Abrams

I Like words

Robert Pirosh



Julia Louis- Dreyfus

The Matchbox

Sylia Townsend Warner to Alyse Gregory



Levar Burton

To My Old Master

Jourdon Anderson to P.H. Anderson



Matt Stone

P.S. This is my favorite memo ever

Matt Stone to the MPAA



Miranda July

An instrument of joy

Margaret Mead to Elizabeth Mead

We press you close and kiss you with all our strength

Ethel & Julius Rosenberg to Their Sons



Sergio Perez

My good friend Roosvelt

Fidel Castro to The President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt



Thandie Newton

How could you go ahead of me?

South Korean widow to Eung-Tae Lee

Your eager mother

Jessie Bernard to Unborn Daughter





Aimee Mann

Dear John
Invisible Ink


Emiliana Torrini

Sunny Road