With our #ReadALetter campaign, we opened the stage to everyone.

In March 2020, the world’s population went into lockdown. Hundreds of millions of people in isolation.


Never before had it been so important for us all to stay connected.


Since 2013, Letters Live has been inviting performers to bring letters to life in memorable venues around the world. With our #ReadALetter campaign, we opened the stage to everyone, asking the world to share letters of hope, education, love, appreciation, respect, thanks, solace and support – letters to the heroes on the frontline; letters to relatives in need; letters to strangers who have stepped up and made a difference; letters to neighbouring families, streets, towns and countries; letters from teachers to their isolated pupils or to the parents who now find themselves home-schooling; letters to those in power; letters to a population crying out for words of comfort.


Head to our YouTube channel to see these moving contributions.

Stay Connected