Past event

Letters Live in aid of Women’s Prize Trust

6 March 2024

Letters Live returned to the Royal Albert Hall on 6th March 2024 – marking Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day – with a show in aid of one of the world’s greatest organisations celebrating creativity, the Women’s Prize Trust.


Each Letters Live event is unique, as the entire list of performers is kept secret from the audience until the moment they take to the stage.


This show fundraised for the Women’s Prize Trust’s mission to enrich society by creating equitable opportunities for women in the world of books and beyond. Every ticket purchased will support their work putting women’s writing in the hands of readers – women and men – around the globe.

Running order

Wednesday 6th March 2024
Dame Harriet Walters


I love the Masturbatium, don’t you?

Dorothea Tanning to Muriel Streeter



Angela Rayner


A great step forward

Terry O’Hara to the Guardian


Fashions in fear change, but do people?

Shirley Jackson to a young reader



Tony Robinson


This is quite true

Evelyn Waugh Laura Waugh


Dear Lupin

Roger Mortimer to his son



Elif Shafak


You helped us escape the drabness of our prison days

Norah Samuelli to Agatha Christie


There is no easy road to successful authorship

Louisa May Alcott to Miss Churchill



Kate Mosse


Gentlemen, I just don’t belong here

Ursula Le Guin to Harcourt Brace Jovanovich


You have crossed a great divide

Diana Athill to Edward Field


Meera Syal

My child was perfect

Courtney Baker to her doctor



Katie Piper


Marian Engel to Timothy Findley


Emma Corrin


I am completely dazzled

Vita Sackville-West to Virginia Woolf



I have enclosed your letter

Bobby Freeman to Greater Anglia Rail



Damian Lewis


This would make him mine

John Steinbeck to Marilyn Monroe


Go Green Death!

Michael Kinahan to various



Harriet Walter


I demand answers!

Thatcher Jensen to The lady selling seashells by the seashore



Louisa Harland


We formed only one being

Maud Gonne to Yeats


It was hard to wrestle those reins out of your hands

Sharon Horgan to the men she’s known and loved



Katie Piper (Camille)
Meera Syal (Beverly)
Emma Corrin (Brenda)
Louise Brealey (Sophie)


Dear Michael

Various women to Michael Block



Louise Brealey


This is not a letter

Katherine Mansfield to Leslie Beauchamp


Like a tree in full bearing

Charlotte Bronte to W.S. Williams Louise Brealey



Benedict Cumberbatch


Victory is inevitable

Alexei Navalny to his supporters


I want to tell you that I am sorry, and that I tried

Stuart Capstick to his kids



Benedict Cumberbatch
Louise Brealey


Who can say that Victory is worth the death of even one of these

Roland Leighton Vera Brittain



Sara Pascoe


God’s Law

An adoring fan to Dr. Laura Schlessinger



Harriet Walter

Why should my generation disappear to make room for the next?

Carolee Schneemann to Dick Higgins



Martha Wainwright

I hope you will never get this letter

Martha Gellhorn to her mother


Harriet Walter
Sara Pascoe


Why don’t you try protecting animals without objectifying women?

Galen Sherwin to Ingrid Newkirk






Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole

Martha Wainwright


Limina Luminis (by Olivia Belli)

Anna Lapwood


Emeli Sandé


People Help the People

Birdy Birdy


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