Past event

Southbank Centre, 2014

23 April 2014


Wednesday, 23rd April 2014


Andrew Motion

Live like a Mighty River

Ted Hughes

All the Ladies Like Whiskers

Abraham Lincoln’s response to Grace Bedell



Andrew O’Hagan

I am Very Real

Kurt Vonnegut



Caitlin Moran

Ought Women not to be abolished altogether?

Clementine Churchill to The Times

Shine, constantly and steadily

Caitlin Moran to Her Daughter



Clarke Peters

Music is Life Itself
Love, Dad

Ronald Reagan to Michael Reagan



David Nicholls and Louise Brealey

Chris and Bessie


James Rhodes

Chopin letter
Schumann letter

John Niven

People simply empty out

Charles Bukowski to John Martin



Kerry Fox

It’s up to you now

Bette Davis to B.D. Hyman

All the ladies like whiskers

Grace Bedell to Abraham Lincoln



Lisa Dwan

Sex Does Not Thrive on Monotony

Anaïs Nin to The Collector

You Must Know Again My Reluctance to Marry

Amelia Earhart



Matt Berry

Federal Agent at Large

Elvis Presley to US President Richard Nixon

P.S. This is my favorite memo ever

Matt Stone to MPAA



Morgana Robinson

One’s Drop Scones

The Queen



Russell Brand

Mick Jagger to Andy Warhol

Stephen Fry

An idiot of the 33rd degree

Mark Twain to A Salesman



Viv Albertine

Hang on My Love and Grow Strong

Iggy Pop to Laurence





James Rhodes

Chopin piece
Schumann piece




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